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Going through some role play sourcebooks and Tolkien sites Dol Amroth histories and came across some information. Just thought I'd share. :)

"Dol Amroth is the capital of Dor-en-Ernil and with Edhellond one of the most famous ports in Gondor. It was founded with the aid of the Elves in the beginning of the Third Age as Lond Ernil (S. "Princes Haven"). In 1640 T.A. about 10500 people live here, mostly Dunadan and some even with some elvish blood."

Found some city site descriptions too.

White Town
Surrounding the hallowed Cove of the White Ships, which serves as the cities war-barbor, the White Town is the home of the naval warriors and their families. It is also the center of the local woodcraft, sailmaking, armorer industries and the best place to look for skilled craftmen like cartographers. The most famous taverns are the The Turtle-fish and The lost Elf.

Middle Port
The Middle Port is renowned for its ship-building and fishing industries. Here, wrights trained in the ancient Elven shipmaking skills produce the finest sea-going vessels in all of Gondor: the famous White Ships. The Middle Port also houses a lot of related artisans as sailmakers, coopers, carpenters, ropemakers, etc. The major Guildhalls can be found here.

New Port
The New Port is Dol Amroths only open harbor. Larger than the other ports, it accomodates wharf serving visiting vessels and its warehouse and market are capable of handling the city´s tremendous volume of comerce. Inns and taverns are found serving those who wish to avoid the Gate Town or the high prices found in the Castle Quarter.

Gate Town
This is the eastermost and outermost district, lying on the low saddle just inside the main landward entry through the city walls. Being the dirtiest and roudiest neighborhood in Dol Amroth, it is still kept finer than the quarters in most other cities. It is the most colorful distric, but even here street crime is low. The most famous taverns are Arthoniels Tavern, The black Spar and the Sign of the Blind Voyager.

Old Town
The Old Town lays between the Gate Town and the Cliffs and overlooks the New Port. In this distric is the home of the best warriors school in Gondor: Archams School

The Cliffs
Above the Old Town and below the castle quarter is a large series of terraced buildings. The upper reaches cater to the castle garrison and contain numerous taverns and gaming halls. Here is also the Academy of Dol Amroth.

Castle Quarter
The quarter is located on the upper flanks of the Hill, just under the fortress. A short causeway and a pair of drawbridges join this destict to the castles outer bailey. Most of the wealthy make their home here. Also fine inns and taverns are found.

"The city and haven at Copas Haven East of the Hills of Tarnost at cape Belfalas in the province of Gondor; Dor-en-Ernil. The name Dol Amroth also applies to the land around the city and the bay Copas Haven. North-East of the city Dol Amroth was an old Elvish-haven, Edhellond, where the Elves from the Eastside of Hithaeglir could depart from Middle-Earth but it had been long time since the last ship departet from there ( T.A.about year 2000 ). The name of the land derives from the tale of Amroth and Nimrodel and people living there now had Elven blod in there veins. The tales also tells us that it was Sindar-Elves escaping from the sack of Eglarest and Brithombar at the end of the First age who established the haven of Dol-Amroth in Cobas Haven. ( Ut.) Edhellond had been there long before the Elves of Beleriand came down the coast."

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