Erchirion Swanhelm (erchirion) wrote in strudelkingdom,
Erchirion Swanhelm

Current oddities

Just a little tally of NPC's and ground additions to Dol Amroth that my mun has been keeping track of.

There's Ifriel and Hadril who are Elphir's peers. They're nobles and just generally show up the royal family in manners etc. Ifriel apparently spent time with Lothy growing up, and has the hots for Elphir. There's Cook who runs like kitchens like the captain of a ship. Under her are serving lads, junior cooks, dishwashers, etc. But she is most definitely in charge, and tends to treat the nobles like normal kids and not royalty.

I'm sure if there are any more Elphir will correct this in comments.

There is of course Dad's office which is now Elphir's, the great room or main hall, the gate house, the guard hall, the family corridor with all the royals rooms, the guest corridor, and of course the Queen's Garden.

The Queen's Garden is a container garden at the top of the South Tower that was made for Nimruani. It's the only place in the castle not acessible by spies.

I think that's it.

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